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A Flower Garden of Your Own

Ideas For A Reclaimed Wood Motorcycle Home Bar

by Amelia Sutton

If you have the room, a home bar is a useful addition to your house because it provides a focal point for your entertainment. In these environmentally conscious times, many homeowners are looking to green solutions, like using reclaimed materials for home improvement projects.

Indeed, experts cite eco-friendliness as a main reason to use materials such as reclaimed wood. When you add other reclaimed items, such as a motorcycle, you get both eco-friendliness and creativity. Find out how to design a home bar that will provide a unique gathering spot in your home.

Bar Counter

The reclaimed wood is likely to provide the material for your bar counter. You can shop around for prefabricated reclaimed wood counters or have one custom-designed to fit your space. Either way, consider how much room you can dedicate to the bar before you commit to a big counter.

Reclaimed wood has another advantage over new wood. More types of wood are available. You can no longer get certain heartwoods and even some species. Likewise, reclaimed wood that's available tends to be more durable than new varieties. As a result, your bar counter will be unique. Look for a wood with character to serve as the foundation of your home bar.

Motorcycle Design

The use of reclaimed wood will already make your home bar a centerpiece. The incorporation of a reclaimed motorcycle will make it a conversation starter. You can find premade wine racks and drinks cabinets with motorcycles at their foundation. Such an item would be a wow-worthy addition to you home bar.

If you're going the custom route, you have a lot of options to incorporate motorcycles into your home bar. For instance, you could replace barstools with truncated motorcycles. You can also have the builders deconstruct the motorcycle to work it into the bar itself. For instance, the handlebars could serve as abstract art on the counter.

Bar Seating

As noted, the motorcycle seats themselves can serve as your bar seating. However, such seats might not feel practical. That said, you still want to stick with your motorcycle theme as well as the rustic appeal of your reclaimed materials.

One option is to upcycle motorcycle wheels into bar seats by filling in the hole with cushioning or wood. Another option is to look for stools with leather that mimics what you'd find on a motorcycle — think well-worn and rugged. Because of the reclamation aspect of your project, any style of retro stools would work, too.

Design a show-stopping home bar with reclaimed wood and motorcycles. Contact a company that sells products like reclaimed antique motorcycle home bars for more ideas.