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I absolutely adore flower gardens. Whenever I want to relax and view nature in one of its most beautiful forms, I sit in or near a flower garden. Smelling the aromatic fragrances of roses always instantly improves my mood. Do you have a flower garden on your property? If you don’t currently have a flower garden, consider starting one this summer. If your knowledge about flowers is limited, visiting a local home and garden center is a great idea. An expert at this kind of business establishment can help you pick the varieties of flowers that grow best in your part of the country. On this blog, I hope you will discover the easiest types of flowers to grow in a backyard flower garden. Enjoy!


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A Flower Garden of Your Own

Care Recommendations To Optimize Your Mattress' Useful Life

by Amelia Sutton

Your mattress is an important part of your everyday life and can affect your health and comfort each day. Because you can spend around one-third of your life on your mattress, it is important that you keep your mattress maintained and cared for to support your body's needs while it rests. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your mattress and get the best use from it.

Keep Track of Its Age

As a responsible mattress owner, it is your duty and in your best interest to keep track of how long you have used your mattress. A mattress is expected to last for around ten years if maintained properly. To help you remember when you purchased your mattress, you can write its purchase date in pen on the mattress' side tags. Then, whenever you need to refer to the date, it is conveniently kept with your mattress.

Once your mattress has reached its limit, look to replace it with a mattress that will provide your body the proper support and comfort. You can choose from a variety of mattresses, such as pillow-top, memory foam, or traditional spring coils. Be sure to test out a mattress for its feel before you purchase it for use.

Also watch for signs of wear on your mattress, which can indicate you might need to replace it sooner. Extra wear can cause your mattress to sag and leave you feeling achy and sore when you wake up. You might also notice you feel your partner moving around more easily or the springs are poking into your body.

Manage Its Condition

As you watch your mattress for any signs of aging over the period of time you sleep on your mattress, you can take some extra steps to help it last as long as possible. Your mattress is made up of interior materials that give it the support for your body, and if those materials aren't protected and cared for, they can fail prematurely. 

First, always use a mattress protector over your mattress and under your sheets. This protector will prevent stains and spills from damaging your mattress and can keep it clean of sweat and dirt. Don't let children or pets jump and play on your mattress because this can put extra stress on your mattress that can cause excessive wear and damage. Rotate and flip your mattress every few months to vary its wear usage patterns. If you don't flip or rotate your mattress, your body will always lay in the same spot on the mattress, creating a permanent dent and extra wear on that part of the mattress. Rotating will vary the areas on your mattress that will see wear.

You should also remember to air out your mattress regularly to keep it free of moisture. Remove the sheets and mattress cover and open your windows if the weather outside is nice. This can ventilate your room and your mattress to keep it smelling fresh.

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