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I absolutely adore flower gardens. Whenever I want to relax and view nature in one of its most beautiful forms, I sit in or near a flower garden. Smelling the aromatic fragrances of roses always instantly improves my mood. Do you have a flower garden on your property? If you don’t currently have a flower garden, consider starting one this summer. If your knowledge about flowers is limited, visiting a local home and garden center is a great idea. An expert at this kind of business establishment can help you pick the varieties of flowers that grow best in your part of the country. On this blog, I hope you will discover the easiest types of flowers to grow in a backyard flower garden. Enjoy!


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A Flower Garden of Your Own

Three Benefits Of Converting Your Standard Shower Stall To A Steam Shower

by Amelia Sutton

In Norway and other Scandinavian countries, a customary Yule practice is to sit in a steam shower or sauna until you cannot stand it anymore, then run outside and jump into an icy hole in the water. It is supposedly very invigorating. While that sounds like an unusual custom, the Scandinavians do have something right; a steam shower does wonders for the body. If you are thinking about converting your regular shower stall to a steam shower or just adding a steam shower feature, then here are some benefits you will receive from the steam shower itself.

Steam Opens Pores and Gets Impurities Out

Steam is well known for opening pores in the skin and enticing impurities and blackheads out. A lot more dirt and oxidants can be washed out and away from the body by sitting in a steam shower for a good quarter of an hour. Once you scrub everything out of those open pores, you will have cleaner, clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Steam Is Amazing for Arthritis

Ever wonder why older adults head to Florida in the colder months? It is because their arthritis does not do well in winter and because the humidity and heat of Florida make their achy joints so much better. If you are just starting to develop or have already developed arthritis, sitting in a steam shower will do wonders. Your sore joints will loosen up and feel less stiff and less sore—and you will have greater mobility!

Steam Is Incredible for Head Colds and Croup

Croup is an old term for the condition kids and older adults get a lot where there is a ton of sticky phlegm in their throats and lungs that prevents them from breathing. Any parent who has had to stay up late all night with a child wrapped in blankets and sitting in a steam-filled bathroom with the door closed knows exactly what that is like. It is a viral thing, too, so the only way to get relief is to get a lot of steam into the nose and throat. Likewise, head colds will clear up with plenty of hot steam. A steam shower provides more than adequate steam (without having to run the hot water full blast for an hour!) to treat both croup and head colds. When you can finally breathe easily again, you can turn off the steam, dry off, and go to bed.