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A Flower Garden of Your Own

Tips For Those That Own Granite Countertops

by Amelia Sutton

Granite is a common material to use in countertops. Unfortunately, homeowners are not very aware of the types of maintenance and care that granite countertops will require. By learning more about the type of care that granite countertops require, you can be better able to protect your investment in having this type of countertop installed.

Protect The Countertop Against Heat

Homeowners will often choose granite due to it being an extremely durable material for use in countertops. While granite countertops are highly durable, they can be damaged by exposure to intense heat. This heat can cause the stone to crack and split. To avoid damaging your new granite countertops, you should avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the countertop. Rather, you should use a mat that can absorb this heat so that it will not reach the countertop. Additionally, you should have protective buffers installed between the granite and the stove so that it will not be in direct contact with the heat from the stove.

Be Mindful Of The Cleaning Chemicals You Use

Cleaning your countertops will be something that you must do on a regular basis if you are to keep the countertop from staining. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to appreciate the hazard of using acidic cleaning agents. These substances can be harsh enough to destroy the protective finish on these countertops. If the cleaning agent is particularly harsh, it can cause etching on the surface of the granite. For these reasons, you should only use gentle cleaning agents that are labeled as being safe for use on granite. Furthermore, you should spot test these cleaning agents before you commit to using them over the entire granite countertop.

Seal Scratches To The Countertop

While granite is an extremely hard stone, it can still suffer scratching. These scratches can be damaging to the countertop as they will weaken it, which can increase the risk of the scratches leading to cracks. Additionally, the scratches can make it more likely that the countertop will develop unsightly stains. For these reasons, it is important to seal any scratches as soon as possible. By keeping a small container of granite sealant in the kitchen, you will be able to easily and quickly apply this protective coating whenever you notice scratches on the surface of the countertop. Prior to applying the sealant to the countertop, it is important to thoroughly clean it as this will ensure the sealant is able to fully bond to the countertop.  

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