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I absolutely adore flower gardens. Whenever I want to relax and view nature in one of its most beautiful forms, I sit in or near a flower garden. Smelling the aromatic fragrances of roses always instantly improves my mood. Do you have a flower garden on your property? If you don’t currently have a flower garden, consider starting one this summer. If your knowledge about flowers is limited, visiting a local home and garden center is a great idea. An expert at this kind of business establishment can help you pick the varieties of flowers that grow best in your part of the country. On this blog, I hope you will discover the easiest types of flowers to grow in a backyard flower garden. Enjoy!


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A Flower Garden of Your Own

Types Of Landscaping Rocks And Where To Use Them In Your Yard

by Amelia Sutton

A properly landscaped yard should include trees or bushes, flowering plants, as well as rocks or gravel. If your yard has plenty of the former but is lacking in the latter, then adding some rocks to your yard will improve its look and can even lessen your yard's need for maintenance. For example, placing pea gravel in beds around the base of your hedges will choke out weeds and you won't have to spend time pulling them out every spring.

If you haven't added rocks and gravel to your landscaping, then perhaps some information about each type of rock and where they should be used is in order. What follows is a list of the most commonly available types and sizes of residential landscaping rocks to help you choose the right stones for your unique landscaping needs:

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a very popular type of rock used in landscaping. As its name implies, pea gravel is small, round gravel that is generally about the size of peas. Pea gravel can be used for paths and to fill in space around trees and other landscaping plants.

River Cobblestones

River cobblestones are sold in a variety of sizes from only a few inches in diameter up to the size of a basketball. River cobblestone products are ideal for use with other types of smaller rocks to give a bit of texture to your landscaping.

Lava Rock

As its name implies, lava rock is mined from volcanic cinder cones. Lava rock comes in a natural red and dark purple colors. Lava rock is light-weight and easy to carry. However, cinders are brittle so lava rock is best used in flower beds and use in paths should be avoided.

Quartz Rock

Quartz landscaping rocks are white in color. Quartz is a very common rock in many places and is mined in large pieces and then crushed down to a usable size. Quartz landscaping rock is generally a few inches in size and is ideal for pathways and other areas you want to highlight in your yard.

Small or Large Boulders

Finally, if you want a nice anchor item for your yard or need to surround a water fountain with natural materials, then you can purchase boulders in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and rock types. Smaller river-worn boulders are good for use near water features, while larger, more angular bounders should be grouped together in threes and placed at a corner of your yard where they will be noticed.