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A Flower Garden of Your Own

How To Install A Rain Chain Along Your Existing Gutter

by Amelia Sutton

If you have gutters that simply do not work, then there may be a wide variety of reasons for the malfunction. The gutters may be pitched poorly, or they may be clogged. You also may have gutters that simply do not have enough downspouts connected to them. If you notice water pooling over the sides of the gutters, then you probably do not have enough downspouts. While you can add a spout to the middle of your gutters, you can also install a much more aesthetically pleasing rain chain. Rain chains are a series of chains or cups that are attached to the gutters to help the rain to trickle down to the ground. If you want to install one of these chains, then keep reading to learn how.

Install A Gutter Opening

Before you can add a rain chain, you will need to install a basic gutter opening first. This opening is where you would install the downspout if you were adding one to the gutter system. The outlet can be placed in a cut hole that you create in the installed gutter channel. Find the best location for the rain chain first and then purchase a flanged gutter outlet. These outlets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Since you will be attaching the chain to the outlet, look for one that is relatively short and inconspicuous.

Once you have the outlet, you will need to cut out the opening for it in the gutter channel. While professionals will typically use gutter outlet punches, you should use some tin snips instead. Place the outlet against the inside channel where you want the opening to sit. Center the outlet and make sure the flange is sitting up towards you. Use a permanent marker to trace around the outlet. Use a chisel or your tin snips to create a pilot hole in the middle of the mark you created. Slip your tin snips in the hole and follow the circle to cut out the opening in the gutter.

When the hole is formed, spread a thick layer of silicone caulk around the opening. Slip the gutter outlet into the hole so the flange rests over the silicone. Press the flange down into the caulk and allow the caulk to dry.

Secure The Rain Chain

Once the gutter opening is formed, you can add the rain chain to the outlet. Before you do this, consider adding a leaf strainer first. Purchase a wire mesh leaf strainer from your local home store. Before you install the leaf strainer, look at the attachment for your rain chain to see if it comes with a gutter clip and hook. Also, identify if there is a hanging bar. These attachments sit just inside the gutter outlet and hang down through the opening. Secure the bar or clip first and then slip the open end of the leaf strainer in the hole, making sure the bulb or rounded part sits up towards the sky.

If the rain chain comes with an s-clip, then you can attach the clip right to the gutter outlet opening. Secure your leaf strainer first and then use your drill to form a hole in the outlet. Choose a one-sixteenth or one-eighth drill bit. Create the hole about one-half inch from the bottom edge of the outlet. Slip the hook in the outlet and attach the rain chain.

When the next rainstorm comes through your area, make sure to inspect the chain closely to make sure it works properly. You may need to adjust the chain slightly by angling it away from your home to help guide the water down to the ground. For more information on rain chains, contact a company like Monarch Rain Chains.