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A Flower Garden of Your Own

Four Ways You Can Easily Transform a Dated Ceramic-Tile Shower into Something Special

by Amelia Sutton

If you own an enclosed, tiled shower that hasn't seen an update in a long time, if ever, then you may want to give your shower a new look. A full remodel is always nice, but there may be times when you wish to keep the changes less dramatic or don't want to devote the extra cash necessary for such a project. That is why adding a few strategic changes can ultimately make a big difference with your existing shower. Below is more information on how to transform a tired, old shower into something exciting and appealing.

Change shower hardware

One of the easiest things you can do whenever it comes time to update your enclosed shower is to replace the various pieces of hardware. The process of removing and installing a new faucet handle, drain grates, or other hardware is usually straightforward.

If you decide to buy new shower hardware, you have numerous available choices to you in a variety of finishes; bronze, gold, and silver options all exist, and you can purchase pieces individually or in matching sets. These sets include hot and cold handles, shower heads, and possibly drain grates.

Add a wooden floor

Another way to help fix a dull, outdated shower is to install a wooden floor. A wooden floor will add a significant level of visual warmth to a tile shower, and it also has several other benefits. Wooden shower floors are less of a slip hazard than tile, and they are also more comfortable on the feet to some people.

Wooden shower floors can be custom-built by an experienced bath-remodeling contractor, but if you possess good skills in the workshop, you may also be able to craft a nice wooden floor. Just be sure that you use water-resistant wood, such as teak, redwood, mahogany, or cypress. In addition, add risers to the bottom of the floor slats to permit the water to drain freely through the slats and into the drain opening beneath them.

Paint tile

With ceramic tile, the original tile color will often become badly outdated after years or decades have passed since installation. Even neutral colors, such as white or almond, can be boring and stale. That is why recoloring ceramic tiles by painting them is a good option for adding new life to your shower.

Painting ceramic tile does require careful preparation for the results to be long lasting and professional looking. A poor paint job will cause bubbling or peeling, so keep that in mind when moving forward. Preparation involves several key steps, including cleaning, degreasing, roughening, priming, and painting. Always be sure to choose high-quality primer and paint, as attempting to buy budget-priced paints is likely to leave you hanging within a few weeks.

Add lighting

In some homes, ceramic-tiled showers are tucked into dark corners of the bathrooms. It can be difficult to see inside the shower, and this can be an inconvenience or even a hazard in some instances.

Adding light to a tiled shower may also require a few electrical skills to know how to tie in a new device, and it may also entail cutting a hole inside the roof of the shower. This type of project is better left to contractors and others who have the tools and knowledge necessary for success. A poorly wired shower light could present a possibly severe shock hazard to the occupants.

If drilling into the tile isn't an option for you, then you may wish to consider attaching a high-quality, long-lasting, battery-powered light to the interior of the shower. These types of lights often turn off after a period of non-use to prevent battery rundown.

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