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A Flower Garden of Your Own

5 Unusual Places Where Bed Bugs May Infest In Your Home

by Amelia Sutton

If you're on the hunt for bed bugs, it's only natural to search the beds and pillows of your home. While a majority of times this is the main location that you'll find bed bugs, there are a number of hidden areas where bugs can live, nest, and lay eggs. If you believe that your home has been infested with bed bugs, it's a good idea to have bed bug exterminators examine more than just the sleeping areas in your home. Browse through the following five locations to see where bed bugs could easily be found and wreck havoc on your home.

Bedside Tables

The area around your bed can be prone to bed bugs and especially their nests. A clear bedside table is typically safe from infestation, but there are things that you put on the table that could be attractive to bed bugs. This includes electronics like an alarm clock or a lamp. Bed bugs easily crawl inside of these electronics. They enjoy the warmth of the electronics and the inside is typically dark enough for them to live during the day. At night, the bugs can crawl out and easily reach your bed for a feeding.

Bedside tables with small drawers may also act as a home for the bed bugs. Ensure that you pull drawers out, keep them dusted, and do not overfill the drawer.

Book Collections

They're dusty, dry, and feature thick spines with easy openings. This may sound like an old book collection to you, but it's the perfect living situation for bed bugs. When storing books in your room, older books and hardcover titles are more prone to bed bug infestations. The chances of an infestation increase when you purchase used books or borrow them from a library. These books have traveled more, been in other homes, and could have been in places where bed bugs lived. Taking the books to your home can make the area more vulnerable to the bed bugs. A pest control company can look at the books for signs of the bed bugs, including droppings, nests, or eggs.

Electrical Outlets

Your electrical outlets are another area of risk. If you have outlets in your room, the small areas are also attractive to bed bugs. The best way to prevent bed bugs from getting in these areas is by using an electrical outlet cover. These covers are commonly used for child safety and plug directly into the outlet. If you believe that the outlet has bed bugs inside it, an exterminator will remove the front plate and examine the area behind it. The exterminator can then eradicate the bugs and apply treatments to keep them out.

New Furniture

You may feel like purchasing new furniture can give you a fresh start away from bed bugs, but there are multiple concerns when it comes to ordering new furniture. The main way that bed bugs can infest new furniture is when the furniture is delivered. Furniture trucks often pick up old mattresses and beds. These pieces may have bed bugs on them that get left behind on the truck. These bugs can transfer over to new furniture. If you notice that new furniture has bed bugs on it, there's no reason to panic. The furniture can be treated by an exterminator to eliminate the bed bugs.

Outdoor Furniture

Bed bugs often thrive on indoor environments where it is not too cold or hot. This does not eliminate them from invading your outdoor furniture. If the bugs can find small crevices, they can easily find a home in outdoor furniture pieces and feed off pets or people that use them. One of the more vulnerable times for a bed bug infestation on outdoor furniture is when the furniture is stored during cold months. As the furniture is packed inside, bed bugs may move in and stay when you move the furniture back outside. Even though the furniture stays outside, it should be treated to remove bed bugs and prevent them from getting inside your home.

Keep all of these areas in mind when you suspect that bed bugs are in your home. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control.